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ProDSP provides turn-key solutions with 10+ years of experience in the industrial testing and measurement field. Our professional background is measurement technology with strong digital signal processing knowledge.

ProDSP has 25+ engineers: electrical engineers (hardware and firmware), mechanical engineers, application software developers and we have 10 technicians in our workshop. With a wide subcontractor network and over 1000 m² office and workshop space at Budapest, Hungary we are ready to build the next piece of industrial test equipment.

- Hirdetés -

- Hirdetés -

The main focus of ProDSP is Automotive/Industrial Testing, Instrumentation and measurement. This is a complex task which involves mechanical design, PCB design, system integration, electrical design, firmware development and application software development. As a National Instruments Alliance Partner, we focus on NI solutions and LabVIEW for our test solutions. Our application software team is one of the strongest in the CEE region, we have 6+ engineers including 3 Certified Lab- VIEW Architects (CLA).

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Our reference partners include Bosch, Continental, Jabil Circuit, KUKA and ValeoSiemens. We work with both factories and R&D centers. ProDSP is a proud supplier of End-of-Line Testers, Functional Validation Testers (PV/DV), HiPOT Testers and custom manufacturing equipment.

All about our latest development – SpaceNC

A new position sensor is developed by ProDSP, based on Direct Multi-D position sensing. It measures the absolute 3D to 6D position between the base and the target.

The sensor provides speed increase and cost-reduction compared to its alternatives, and supports high encoder performance under extreme temperature. SpaceNC targets encoder manufacturers and OEMs using encoders/position sensors in their products.

It offers one-fit-all solutions for encoder manufacturers and encoder user OEMs to answer the new, emerging market needs which are not feasible with SOA encoder solutions. It also serves as a replacement of existing, highly specialised encoder sensors at a lower cost, but without performance compromise.

The sensor offers nanometer-precision, multiple times higher framerate than existing imager-based solutions, larger resolution in 1D to 6D position than COTS-based Multi-D encoders, sufficient redundancy for error detection and correction, single-sensor compensation of static and dynamic tolerances, miniaturization of the sensor down to 5x5x1 mm3, and can be interfaced with incremental encoder-based systems.


The sensor can detect the precise position of hydraulic piston, elevator cabin, storage rack, 1D-2D cutting machines, cranes, etc. The application examples also include torque sensing, deformation and load sensing and condition monitoring of machine parts.

ProDSP Technologies

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